Dear colleagues,

Welcome to EnVision Summit Ophthalmology 2020. This is an annual conference created by physicians to support and empower women leaders in an innovative format for continuing medical education, which will take place every President’s Day Weekend in Puerto Rico. The EnVision Summit is designed with your needs in mind. The agenda is robust, with a predominance of female speakers who are trailblazers in medicine and leadership. You will have unique opportunities to meet and discuss issues of clinical importance, develop mentoring relationships, and facilitate collaborations for research investigations. With panel discussions, keynote presentations, and casual conversations, EnVision Summit convenes a diverse group of visionaries to inspire us and the next generation of leaders.

Unlike other medical conferences, EnVision Summit goes beyond being family friendly. We welcome you to bring your child to conference to participate in age-appropriate activities and programs, designed specifically for them. Teens and young adults will have the opportunity to participate in a conference that features women leaders. We understand the challenges of advancing your career while juggling the demands of your personal life. EnVision Summit lies at the intersection.

It's time to rethink and redefine the medical conference. Come join us.


In partnership,

Bonnie An Henderson, MD

Program Director